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Well researched and entertaining as always, thanks.

From what I gather, Cloanto have been granted permission from the copyright holders to include all the games they bundle with their Amiga Forever package. They use the cracked versions purely for practical reasons; the originals are copyright protected and hence can't be deciphered by the emulator. Rather than attempting to remove it officially this late in the day when the skills required to do so may be difficult to source, they pick the low hanging fruit and make use of what's already readily available.

The value edition of Amiga Forever will run most games designed to work with Workbench 1.3, but spits the dummy if you throw anything more obscure at it. Dragon's Lair is a bit more exotic in its execution than most games in that it loads 256kB of data into the writable control store area of RAM originally intended to incorporate the Kickstart ROM in early Amiga hardware. It's the old 'gateway drug' model of marketing; give people a sample for minimal outlay and if they like the taste they'll come back for a bigger, more expensive slice of the pie. Mmmm, drug pie. *drool* :|
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