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This game looks so much fun and promising. I hope that what we see now it is just bare bones tech demo and full game would have more gameplay stuff going on that just flying over canyons and avoiding hitting ground. There is lot of stuff that can be put into that game. It could have sections like tunnels in Super Stardust with stuff to shoot, avoid and bosses. It could have different sections with different gameplay mechanics. You can make part where player need to fly into rings like in Jaguar Tempest bonus stage and gain some speed after that. There can be bomb runs when You need to hit some enemies on ground at specific spot. There can be delivery runs where You collect stuff from ground and need to unload it at specific places. Or there could be some classic shooter sections where You can just shoot air/ground targets and avoid their bullets. You can have stealth mission based at flying low and do not spending too much time above some altitude to not being detected.
If I could add something to engine I would love to see some sprites on ground, like rocks, foliage, maybe some civilian structures and vehicles.
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