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'Say' is just a small utility (which also comes with an icon, It can be launched from its icon or used from the Shell to say any piece of text. ('Say "Hello"' will do just that.)

The text to speech is handled via narrator.device (in DEVS: ) and translator.library (in LIBS: ). There is also a "speak-handler" (in L: ).

I first had the Amiga 500 and then the 1200, which didn't come with Say, but after installing Workbench 3.0 to my A1200 hard drive, I copied all the previous files over from the Workbench 1.3 floppies, and Say worked on my A1200.

Here is a little-known fact:
AMOS Professional came with a newer version of narrator.device and translator.library than Workbench 1.3.
(It may have been the build included with WB 2.0 - I've yet to compare them.)

When these updates are used with the original Workbench 1.3 Say utility, the speech quality is considerably better than the original.

Yep, I just checked this out. Here's what's on the first AMOS Pro disk (AMOS-Professional10_1of6.adf) downloadable from here (6 in a zip): (direct link to download)

In Devs:
narrator.device 65176 ----rw-d 04-Oct-92 18:24:57

In Libs:
translator.library 10592 ----rwed 04-Oct-92 18:25:52

(L:speak-handler is not included.)

While these are the speech synthesis files from a Workbench 1.3 disk (this one looks like a slightly later revision):

In Devs:
narrator.device 23280 ----rw-d 13-Aug-88 18:08:58

In Libs:
translator.library 10584 ----rw-d 11-Dec-90 21:28:13

In L:
Speak-Handler 4212 ----rw-d 28-Mar-89 14:09:34

In Utilities (Workbench 1.3 disk, NOT on the extras disk):
Say 7012 ----rwed 13-Aug-88 18:13:25 290 ----rwed 13-Aug-88 18:12:31

I suggest copying devs/narrator.device and libs/translator.library from the AMOS Pro disk, and L/Speak-Handler and Utilities/Say (plus icon) from a Workbench 1.3 disk, into a Workbench 3.x hard-drive install (into the appropriate directories).
Then try Say.

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