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No problem, its alright.

Well my big brother and I had an Amiga back then, yes.
But I was still a small kid back then - as I was born in 1987. So the Amiga was my first gaming machine and I really used it alot, to "play only" games.

I remember that I used also to play around with this program called Say, but I thought that it was on a cracked game disk we had - and not that it was part of the operating system or so...

So, because of my age back then (as I only wanted to play play play), I really dont know how Amiga programs work like or how they are like. Altough my brother sometimes also painted on the Amiga or so - they looked like Amiga graphics too which was cool. Might have been the "Deluxe Paint"... dont know.

Well sorry for the longer post, but lets say this is part of my "Amiga-history".
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