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Toni Wilen
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Beta 6:

- Fixed uaehf.device and input on the fly device change invalid free() calls.
- Game Ports panel autofire/joystick type setting was not remembered.
- Do not queue new uaenet.device uae_Signal() call if previous is still in queue.
- Do not call any host OS functions from uaegfx trap functions, trap function can run in different thread context which can cause strange side-effects. OS4.x uaegfx resolution changes should be safe again.
- Added shellexec custom input event/uae-configuration command that can execute Amiga-side commands or scripts. Uses SystemTagList() with NIL: Input and Output handles if KS2+, Execute() with NIL: Output if pre-KS2. Only works when UAE Boot ROM is active, dos.library has been initialized and AmigaOS is running normally.
- Display panel color component gamma value calculation fixed, any brightness or contrast modification was too dark.
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