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Golden Axe was the first scrolling fighting game I played on the Amiga. It was my favourite genre at the time (based on arcade gaming) so I played most of them which were released on the Amiga at one point or another. Golden Axe was, in my opinion, the only one which wasn't total crap.
The graphics are slightly worse than the arcade, probably due to less colours being used. But apart from that it's more or less a carbon copy. The attack timings and the hit boxes are all spot on.
None of the other Amiga scrolling fighter conversions came close to replicating their arcade sources, imo. They all suffered from that problem which was common to arcade-home computer conversions, in that the devs spent too long trying to perfect the "look" of the game, and completely ignored the "feel". Final Fight is a perfect example, in still screen shots you would mistakenly think it could be arcade perfect. But when you see it moving - yuck! About half the animation frames (at least) are missing, so when you knock someone over they fly through the air like a stiff plank of wood.
Scrolling fighters is one genre that the Amiga missed on out having a bona-fide classic, I think. It's a shame someone like the Bitmaps or Sensible didn't come up with an arcade-standard, Amiga-first take on the genre, to be honest. But maybe they thought the genre itself was too limited to begin with.
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