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James, thanks for the detailed responses, much appreciated. I’ve just seen your post about bugs on the official AIAB forum which also helped answer my question.

The prompting for the disk remark, I just thought you could perhaps word the initial request differently so the user knows they have to insert the disk at that moment before hitting return. Something like "Please insert your Workbench 3.0/3.1 disk now" followed by the normal "Press Return to Begin".

As for the virus checker, I see your point. It is useful however to scan WHDload packs, software, lzx archives and ADF collections. It’ll also detect any contained in software that comes from unknown sources that may be download and installed in AIAB. Viruses are still quite prevalent in retro software collections - I’ve found several myself whilst scanning my Workbench setup.

The definition file was last updated late 2004 so even now people are discovering new (or should I say old) threats when running in Amiga software in UAE.

Just trying to offer some suggestions and feedback.

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