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Hi acspo,


"A1200 Hardware Frequently Asked Questions

Version 2.1 - Copyright © 1997 by Warren Block"

"Hard Drives"

"Q. What is MaxTransfer?

A. MaxTransfer is a value (set in HDToolBox) that limits how much data can be transferred to or from the hard drive at one time.

Q. Why is MaxTransfer needed? Shouldn't the drive move as much data at one time as possible?

A. Yes, it should, but some hard drives have arbitrary limits on how much data they can move at one time. On the Amiga, if you have problems transferring files of 128K or larger to or from the hard drive, this is a likely cause of the problem.

Q. I have have no idea what the MaxTransfer value should be for my drive. What value should I use?

A. For unknown drives, the maximum "safe" value is 0x0001FE00. Other (older) drives may require 0x0000FFFF or even 0x0000FE00. The sure test is to copy files larger than the MaxTransfer value to and from the drive, checking for corruption afterwards. Pictures work well for this, as corruption is easy to detect.
Q. Will this low MaxTransfer value slow down disk transfers?

A. Very little or not at all. Most disk transfers are smaller than 128K, and so this setting will not affect them. But don't take my word for it; use DiskSpeed and test it yourself. "

I hope this helps.

Regards, Michael

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