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Originally Posted by plasmab View Post
I did not know that. Useless though because I'll have a keyboard plugged in there.
I bought some PS/2 Y-adapters/splitters made for laptops, used to connect both mouse and keyboard to a single PS/2 connector on the laptop. These forward the keyboard signals to one connector and the two unused PS2 pins to the other. As the amiga uses the same pins as PS/2 for the keyboard, and the two unused pins are /TXD and /RXD on the CD32, this is perfect. Both female connectors have GND and +5V.

So just chopped of the female PS2 connector connected to the serial pins and connected a DB9 TTL<->RS232 converter there.

Unfortunately, I have no idea if I was just lucky with my purchase, or if this is a the most common PS/2 Y-adapter/splitter pinout.

Attaching an image of how it looks like this when connected to a null modem cable and an A2000 keyboard.
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