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I don't like seeing all of this Jens hate either. I think Jens is a pretty fair person and he makes consistently great products. He is also actually willing to step down into the bowels of the community, which says a lot. So, especially if any of the open sourcing was even being considered, lets reframe this immediately:


I see your point. I retract what I said about legal irritation for its own sake. Lets say that it came out that way in a moment of passionate frustration. Can we leave it now and get on with the heart of the matter?

We are having this discussion here in public, presumably because that is where it belongs. I don't want to do any "backroom deals"; I'd like to see all of this conducted in public as much as it is possible. I don't want it to end up as another mystery on the AmigaDocuments site, assuming it gets far enough to be notable in the first place.

So please, there is your first concession, hopefully proving to your mind that I am not some unreasonable brute. Now let me ask again: what will it take to free Picasso96? What's the magic number?
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