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Floppy disk Batman Pack December 2019 Unboxing Countdown VLOG

I've decided to do a count down video blog that will take me from now until the day I go to the UK and unbox my Amiga.

I will add additional Episodes as and when they occur, but basically I'll cover the emotion behind re-playing each of the games that I got in my Batman Pack + Tenstar Games pack, plus anything else relevant to my re-introduction to Amiga, and my trip back to the UK to un-box the pack 30 years after buying my original.

It's a very personal journey so may have limited appeal but I still wanted to VLOG it. Not chasing subs or hits or anything like that.

Feel free to follow along.

Episode 1: Amiga Format issue 003 (really an introduction to the story and what the blog will cover).
[ Show youtube player ]

Playlist (all future eps will be put in here in order):
[ Show youtube player ]

Channel (Still working on channel design as left over from NMS days lol):
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