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I Love reading Amiga people story when you buy first Amiga computer

Mine was back in 1991 in Mircofun Shop(I love that shop so much as I wish I took photo of it on outside of the shop!), I went in to buy Amiga 500 Batman pack but they say it is sold out which is bummer. I was looking so disappointing but the shop man say what about Amiga 500 Plus Cartoon classic(it was £399) and I thought yes I want it.

Once I bought it and ask my parent to take me home then I grab Amiga 500 boxed and rush upstairs in my bedroom and set it all up. I had choose which game I want to played and first game was Lemmings. I love lemming puzzle as it had everythings you want in game. I have also try two other which are Bart simpson and captain planet(love the copper effect background!)

I have go on Workbench and messing about then I started using Speech commands like typing "MOMMMMMMMM" and my mom heard it lol which I thought was cool at the time

The next day, I went to mircofun again and I checked out all the games I want as there were Shadow of the beast(hard game!), SpaceAce.

P.S. gimbal and 005AGIMA - Sorry to hear about that
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