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This is al I found out about SAGE:

SAGE (Standard Amiga Graphics Environment)

It is a standard way for applications programs to access the graphics processors currently available for the
Amiga the University of Lowell Board from Commodore, the Resolver from DMI, and the Rambrandt from PP&S
between others. SAGE allows the hardware to become transparent to the software.
It is a system designed specifically around the Texas Instruments TMS340x0 family of graphics chips that support
TIGA 2.2 which is to put it simply, a sort of graphics language.
PP&S and Digital Micronics Inc. (DMI), with Commodore's cooperation, established this
standard at the Amiga Developer's Conference in Denver. Developers interested in SAGE could obtain the
professional developer's kit, which included manual, SAGE libraries, and source code examples. This
complete kit was available for the nominal fee of $300.

Hardware support:

CBM A2410
DMI Resolver
DMI Vivid24
G2 Systems Image Engine
PP&S Rambrandt

software support:

Art Department Professional (ADPro)
Image Master
Draw 4D Professional (planed but unconfirmed)
DynaCADD (planed but unconfirmed)
Professional Page 3.0 (planed but unconfirmed)
Imagine (planed but unconfirmed)
Caligari 2 (planed but unconfirmed)
Aegis AniMagic (planed but unconfirmed)
Aegis Video Titler (planed but unconfirmed)
Aegis Presentation Master (planed but unconfirmed)
DiskMaster (which has an image viewer in it) (planed but unconfirmed)
3D Professional (planed but unconfirmed)
Megafortress (read the LastMinute.txt file on disk 1 for info on how to get into it)
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