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Hi Sascha,

The NEO-GEO really sounds interesting.
My kids like love NEO-GEO games... (and I have to admit I like them too)
To be able to tun them on AMIGA would be really cool.

The CPU that we have here is no 68060.
We call it Apollo-Phoenix - its a very fast 68000 (with support for many 68020/68060 instruction) but with 68000 stackframe

From what we discussed the features to map address spaces and to "monitor" writes to certain areas are sufficient to do the NEO-GEO emulation.

I understood you that your emulator uses a 16bit framebuffer.
We expect to have more development systems with RGB framebuffers in some weeks. I'll send get back to you.

Would be great if we could get a quick port running of your NEO-GEO emulator on AMIGA together...

While I could certainly help with some level stuff.
Maybe we find someone with MUI skills to help to create a nice AMIGA user interface quickly.
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