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Originally Posted by Kin Hell View Post
Please excuse me lesta....

Fat Agnus 8372A (instead of 8370 for NTSC or 8371 for PAL) supports 1 MB Chip RAM; - Agnus is rotated 90° counter clockwise (For system speed increase with addressing wait states) ; 512 kB Chip RAM on motherboard as 4 chips instead of 16 ( Higher density chips for better speed addressing & less system resources to manage); Empty places for other 4 chips giving 1 MB RAM on the motherboard.

Basically the best of the 1.3 Based A500's. Nuff said.


but i wont have to put anything on the motherboard ive got something special in my box of memory cards.
something i had years go,ive just got to fix it.

these old girls are still worth having,even today.

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