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Trouble installing barbarian (Psygnosis)

Hello there; I am actually old member (cai24) but I had to register again as I was not able to recover my password due to change of my email adress.. my fault due to many years of absence.

I recently bought original big box copy of Barbarian (Psygnosis) from ebay; which I was going to install to whdload (which I have for my A1200 harddrive), so I downloaded the installer. I recently installed new Whdload as well, in order to install original Moonstone (which went without any problems).

But when trying to read the original disk, the Rawdic wouldn't have any of it. It complained checksum error. Installing Barbarian seems to be impossible. It should be noted that I have installed dozens of original games I've bought from ebay without any trouble, this is the first time.

The original game disc itself works very nicely on my old A500 without any problems.

I dont remember the exact specs for my A1200, but I can dig them up if needed. Rawdic imager was 4.60 I think.

Is the installer faulty, or is it something about my setup that makes it bork? Installer of Barbarian is pretty old, last version was done in 2001. Maybe it is time for a patch, but is there anyone who would bother?

No biggie as I can still play the original disk on A500, but I would like to have complete collection of my originals in my A1200 :-)

If anyone could help, many thanks.
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