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István Fábián
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To help you guys

First: I understand your problem with understanding what we do.
A few things FYI:
We have never ever stated that longtracks can be written back with a normal fdd, because they can't. However there are fdds out there with speed control, which can.
CAPS started out as just an emulation project, originally, long before going to public. It was not expected that any images could be remastered. While commencing we noticed that many of them are writeable, so why not do it?
Toni: the disk system should most likely be updated a bit to support cell timing. Please contact us and we can give *you* information on how to improve disk loading - like cycle exact working of sync flags, diskbytr etc -, also how to implement caps format into uae. Alternatively if you have an ICQ number, we can discuss online.
The point of CAPS is to save the images in unaltered form. This is a very different purpose compared to say HD installers, which are very nice IMHO. If you don't get the difference, it's of not our concern.

And lets also dispel some other myths about some posters here: YOU CAN REWRITE A COPYLOCK TRACK!!!! PERIOD! ))

Joking aside it is possible, on "new" CopyLock tracks. We did the hard part for you: we show CopyLock timing graphs on the CAPS site's wip. It's just a matter of being creative to figure out how to duplicate that - the revelation will be striking to say the least.

If we'd shown you, how everyone would claim "I knew it", wouldn't they? (besides it'd be a spoiler for the challenge minded)It's based on a flaw of the system - probably the only one. CopyLock was obviously much easier to crack, then to copy, that's why nobody bothered.
Codetapper: whichever game produces the timing graphs on our site are all remasterable without hardware. And only those, afaik at the moment. At least from 1988-1993. That's pretty a lot, considering Rob Northen Computing afaik went out of business sometime around that.
"How can you speed test MFM data in memory?????? You can't" Just have a look at the timing graphs on our site. They are cycle exact. How do you think we made them? Drawn with DPaint or what...? We obvioulsy found a reliable method to sample cell density, that's how. Sorry to "dispel another myth"!
Mr. A1200 is screwed if he were to be screwed with the *original*. If it worked on A1200 it would work on it again. If it failed it would fail just as well. We do not modify the programs in any way. That's exactly what preservation means.
On the images: they'll be available - but only tested ones, we don't want to flood the .net with bad dumps. Unfortunately any Amiga company would shut us down if we'd offer the images on our site - this seems to be their only legit goal nowadays. We are not strong enough to fight them, they'll go away: all of them did sooner or later. So we won't fight them. We are not hoarders, although some of us are has a lot of originals.
I don't know how GB64 works, I've donated them a lot of ultra-rare stuff (through a friend), but I think they want to stay on the legal side and avoid any legal trouble. It's just a guess on my side, but they are releasing their stuff through TOSEC silently on a.b.e.m. newsgroup. We go for a similar approach.

I don't want to push this as an advantage on my side, but: how many of you were into commercial games development market in the Amiga era? I, for one was. Those who work with me know me, and that's all it matters.

End of advertisement for CAPS )
Please forgive my style, but your comments of disbelief provoked that.
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