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Ideas about site for game reviews

This is a bit off-topic: For almost a year now I am working on my 'soon-to-be-announced' Amiga homepage. It will not be the ultimate ADF source nor an Amiga schrine but it will cover reviews of games that originally appeared on paper many moons ago.

From 1989 to 1994 I have bought many Amiga magazines like
CU Amiga, Amiga Format, Amiga Joker and Amiga Computing. So you can expect to get multiple reviews of the same game. This can give interesting results.
When converting the original reviews to HTML I will not copy the original page-layout but pictures, scoreboxes and other details will be included. Currently I have 140 'paper'-reviews OCR'ed and converted to HTML.
It is going to look very impressive by now but I can not show you the results because:
a My pc does not have a connection to the Internet and
b My discdrive is broken. -Honest!

Anyway, my question is whether someone would be interested in reading old reviews of Amiga games or that I am just wasting my time.
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