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Originally Posted by arcanist View Post
I have to admire the tenacity in trying to 100% this game! I skipped over a whole bunch of gems that were in the "too risky" category.
Even if we all know the name of the winner of this years' "Super League", it is still a competition, so score matters

Except the impossibles ones in the 'candy world', I think I got all the gems.
By chance, the final boss is really easy so I finished with slightly more lives than you John, meaning that I have made less mistakes during the game . But I hate those spikes hidden behind the grass in the forest levels. It was a massacre. On my side, most of the mistakes were due to the hero landing aside to the enemies (and not on their heads).
This game has a name that suits it very well .
I won't play another go. Training level by level with the codes is one thing, but playing the whole game from start to end needs to free too much time. Anyway, an excellent game !!!

96'535 = 95'835 + (7 * 100)

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