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Hi Leandro,

I had a look for the files, I have a collection of many of the distributions archives, but I can't currently locate that one, nor can I find the source for some of my old Amiga apps.

Many years ago my mum threw out my A1200 with my 68030 expansion + internal HDDs, and left my younger brothers crappy old A500 in a drawer which she was supposed to be getting rid of instead. She didn't know the difference and many things were lost as a result!

To say I was horrified is an understatement of epic proportions.

At the time I used to do backups on DAT tapes, I still have those tapes somewhere but no DAT drive. I think I used either diavolobackup or amibackup, if you know of anyone that has a DAT drive and can recover them let me know.
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