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WHDLoad and PAL vs NTSC?

I have two A4000s now, and it is great that it is the one Amiga that has a jumper for PAL/NTSC (pretty sure all the others you have to either use early startup or a boot loader that switches). So my first A4000 I just stuck on PAL, so that all the games would work. My secondary one I left on NTSC as I believe the Video Toaster requires it.

But that means if I want to play a game (in this case Hudson Hawk), I have to make sure to go into Early Startup and put the system into PAL mode, just switching to a PAL resolution isn't good enough.

So my question is, can't this be done directly with patching the whdload slaves? Seems to me the games mostly require the early boot because they ignire whatever the workbench screen is (in fact it creates its own on top, doesn't it?) Is there just an option I am missing? Any database out there of games that only work in PAL?
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