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Originally Posted by redblade View Post
As for the England Aussie game, England seemed to have just dominated Aussie. I thought Australia might have came back because they normally do against New Zealand.
I was looking forward to an Australia vs New Zealand semi-final... they are always good games

Originally Posted by redblade View Post
Rugby world cup is on pay tv in New Zealand. I tried watching it on itv via a VPN but the ads won <5 minutes> and I didn't have a .uk credit card to buy a premium account which was 4 GBP a month compared to the prices below.

Early bird May 1 - May 31 $59.99 NZD 29.65 GBP 34.28 EUR
Tournament Pass Early Bird $79.99 NZD 39.54 GBP 45.70 EUR
Tournament Pass $89.99 NZD 44.48 GBP 51.42 EUR
Per match $24.99 NZD 12.35 GBP 14.28 EUR

I don't know what the business cost is for these packages.
That's crazy, poor you

I watch it for free here in the UK, but the time when the games start is difficult if not on a weekend.

Originally Posted by redblade View Post
@Bippym Lucky you with those 2 passports. I only have New Zealand and Australia, and want to get a Europe or Canadian one as well. I went to Norway for my OE and spent years working around Australia. Wow you went to London 20 years ago when Trance music was at its peak and also mushrooms were still legal.
Where did BippyM come from; surely you mean me

It wasn't luck; I ended up getting sponsored for 5 years through work, then applied for residency, and it was another 2 - 3 years before I could apply for British Citizen / get a passport.

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