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Originally Posted by Traindriver69 View Post
That's what I call an expert eye never saw any of that what would you recommend to do next.
A good start is it should have a general clean with isopropyl alcohol and a (clean) toothbrush. However, with the corrosion it will need a more abrasive method - like using a fiberglass and/or wire brush pen.

This will only perform a cleanup to get rid of and to stop corrosion spreading. There may be trace and component failure (which can also occur as a result of the cleanup), so a multimeter can be used to test continuity of the traces between components.

Here are a few invaluable resources to show the schematic and board layout to help troubleshooting issues:

And the guide for the A1200 is useful - especially on how to connect the A1200 to a display:

Depending on the actual issue will depend on how convoluted the whole troubleshooting, diagnosing and resolution process will be - so your mileage will vary!
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