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Attached is test program (improved version of previous "ciabutton"). WinUAE results match real hardware (=boomerang pad) behavior.

Setup difference is in Paula POTGO register which means pad is the only variable in this test. Any Amiga hardware should return valid results, it does not need to be CD32.

Important bits in output are 4 10 character columns. 3rd column "mode" is the one that lowlevel.library and other read routines use. (Menace uses second or fourth, I didn't bother to check it yet)

Test 1: press pad blue button. Only 3rd column should have 3 stars (*-------**), others should be filled with stars. Does same happen with non-Boomerang pads?

Test 2: press other buttons than red or blue: First 3rd column star should move, last two should be always active. Other columns should be completely blank. Does same happen with other pads?

Wait 1 second after pressing because updating is slow and partial updates are possible.

Last 3 characters should always have same state in 3rd column: -**. This can be used to detect if pad is inserted without pressing any buttons but I suspect some 3rd party pads don't work identically.. Also check if other columns have same state when using other pad(s).

EDIT: mouse button exits. Pad must be in joystick port.
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