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Originally Posted by ross View Post
[slightly OF, but not too much ]

I'm dissecting the Apidya floppy images and found that the IPF #764 (the original KAIKO, publicly available) is slighty broken.
Track where options are saved (on cylinder 23) is not valid. You can recognize the problem because there is three load retry after intro loading, then a silent fail and default options are set.
In any case, by pressing save in the options screen a read attempt is made, so saving to floppy is impossible...

Can be patched and a working eADF (with the right MFM bits) made but is acceptable for the purists?

Audios re-release IPF is working properly.
Ouch :/ could it be a bad dump as opposed to a bad original?

I think purists wouldn't be that interested in this hack to begin with, so feel free to do what you want to make it as bug free as possible
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