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Question. There are two versions of edgar the 68k version and the PPC AmigaOS 4.x version. Naturally the 68k version is of the older version and doesn't have map editor and the PPC AmigaOS 4.x version is the newer version and have the map editor which is why I requested if possible to have that ported. Which you did...a trillion thanks

Now this is what I did....I deleted the entire folder of edgar (the old version that was installed in 68k) and extracted the edgar from aminet with the PPC have the pak of the PPC version edgar. Then I toke your lha package and extracted it into the root folder of the edgar PPC version overriding the executable of the PPC version and leaving everything there. Then I double clicked it and poof it opens windows, black screen for one split second and then baboom it quits back to workbench.

So the question comes, are there any difference between the pak of the PPC and the pak of the 68k version of edgar archive?
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