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Originally Posted by amigoun View Post
Confirming NO-FPU version now works on Vampire without the need for FEMU
that is good news, at least this problem is fixed.
I will add a noFPU build to the aminet stuff and reupload.

the poor FPS rate is terrible, but it may encourage Apollo team to produce more powerfull stuff in the future. maybe the AMMX stuff will help somehow.
Originally Posted by xboxown View Post
I tried running opens windows mode for a split second then quits and closes instantly. Same happens when I attempt to open the map editor. Just reporting.
did you add the edgar.pak file from aminet to the folder of the edgar/mapeditor binary?

mapeditor needs an argument to start: mapeditor map01 - for example - IIRC
framerate will be reported once you quit the game.
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