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Check this version. It has pic converted from ZX version, so there's probably no original loader pic for C64 version.
That is not the same C64 Judge Dredd game.

There are two Judge Dredd games for the C64: the first one was released in 1987 by Melbourne House, and the second one was published by Virgin in 1991. And only the 1991 Judge Dredd game was also released on the Amiga.

It's a very high quality C64 game, so the missing title screen somewhat puzzles me, but it's nothing to worry about, the conversion shot can be updated later if the title picture suddenly pops up somewhere.

Cheers again Master484

More games I have a vague memory of playing on the C64 which I need to take a look at on the Amiga:

... Artura
... Dalek Attack
... DragonStrike
... Jaws
... Mindroll
... One On One (Electronic Arts)
... Operation Neptune
... POD
... Roller Coaster Rumbler
... Suburban Commando
... T-Bird
... The Neverending Story II
... Turn N' Burn
When I was a kid I owned Roller Coaster Rumbler on the Amiga, boxed and complete, but then foolishly sold it on the flea market. It was a relaxing and colorful 3D shooter and a good game without any doubt. Although back then I never managed to complete it. And also if I remember right it often crashed on a certain level, although not always.
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