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On my massive, flaming 21-inch CRT, you can't go wrong with 800x600.

For starters, it's large enough for WinUAE to accommodate anything the Amiga will throw at it, maximum overscan and all (plus it's own double modes necessary for scanlines and interlacing simulation), with the exception of super high res and rtg stuff which I personally have little use for.

It does also have the advantage of being a resolution that virtually any Windows display adapter out there can handle comfortably by default, and adding (when at all necessary) a 50hz mode for this resolution, does not take any special considerations or PowerStrip sorcery; it just works.

Also, as you may have noticed, 800x600 is able to retain a great deal of brightness because the lines are packed very close together, as compared to lesser resolutions inevitably prone to patterning thin scanlines on their own, which upon being joined together with WinUAE's (I won't have it any other way), dim down the output image considerably.

And last but not the least, not needing any further post-processing, you can get away with not using filters, which may not necessarily work adequately on legacy hardware like mine.

Anyways, flat panel technology was, is and will likely always be a miserably pointless fad for desktop computing. Let it die the death already
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