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Finally got it all moved across to WinUAE on the PC, just installed AMOS Pro & Complier so I'm bringing out one last final version of CmEd (v3.10) with no protection in it. Should be ready later tonight, in the meantime here is the v3.0+ Changelog:

Version 3.01 - 26/11/95
File Size:- 396192 bytes
** NOTE ** Not a general public release!

BUG FIX Fixed stupid bug in prefs saving routine which stopped the
editor being able to autoload your selected files.
Version 3.02 - 15/07/96
File Size:- 412736 bytes
ADDITION Added shirts with proper colours to the shirt editing section.
ADDITION Added a 'Swap Player' option. This works as a nice
alternative to transfer method of moving players.
By using this method you can now transfer players to/from
ADDITION Added a club analysis page, this lists various statistics
about a specified club.
ADDITION Added a routine to give a general rating for a player, thus
enabling users to guage how good a player is.
IMPROVEMENT Converted whole program to run in 8 colours, instead of 4,
this doesn`t affect the user, but it does make the program
more robust, when compared to the old system of having half
the program in 4 colours and half in 8 colours
IMPROVEMENT Improved file handling yet again!!! Now verifies all files
produced with the editor to ensure they are legal.
IMPROVEMENT Improved the Import/Export routines. Player's history is
now imported/exported as well as his stats.
IMPROVEMENT Made the 'View Penalty takers' list into a 'View
Goalscorers' when the chosen team is a computer team.
IMPROVEMENT Gave the all the documents ofr CmEd a good proof reading,
and generally improved them.
Reduced the size of the history file a bit.
Will probably cut out all pre-version 3.00 history in the
next release, or soon after.
BUG FIX Fixed bug in Prefs loading routine which prevented the editor
being able to load prefs created with older versions of the
BUG FIX Fixed bug in the `save update` and `player export` routines
which could cause the editor to sometimes claim there was
not enough room on the disk being saved to, when there was
actually enough room. This usually occured when Saving to
the Ram Disk.
BUG FIX Fixed MAJOR bug in the file requestor routine which caused
the editor to crash if you specified a device name (Eg df0
in the filename text gadget.
BUG FIX Fixed a number of bugs which caused text input boxes to
appear on screen mysteriously, if you clicked on certain
parts of the screen.
BUG FIX Forgot to change pointer into Sleep Mode when Loading/Saving
an update file (fixed).
BUG FIX Changed Month to Season in contract editing!
BUG FIX Fixed major bug in editor which caused it not to work
with some versions of Championship Manager Italia.
BUG FIX Fixed bug which caused editor not to display plays shirt
number correctly on player info screen.
BUG FIX The clock now correctly updates while grabbing info from the
main championship manager binary, instead of freezing.
BUG FIX Fixed mistake in player information screen which let you set
a players ability to a maximum of 255, where the limit should
have been 200, if it is higher than 200 the player becomes
very unpredictable.
BUG FIX Fixed bug in loading routine which could sometimes cause
problems when there were multiple savegames.
BUG FIX Changed Rating to Ability in the Player Info Screen.
BUG FIX Changed Passing to Goals Conceeded for GK's in Player Info
screen, and made this value ajust accordingly (0-255).
BUG FIX Fixed bug which would sometimes make the editor ask for
Env: to be inserted, if it was not already assigned.
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