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Speaking of UAE, there IS a difference regarding Kickstart 1.3:

You can boot from a HD directory, but not from a HDF image.
The reason for this is Bernd Schmidt's uaehf.device (required to boot from HDF, it's defined in devs:mountlist) which does NOT support Kick 1.3.
That's a fact.
Toni, show me how to boot from HDF using Kick 1.3 in WinUAE and I'll go into a corner and feel ashamed.
We also had a discussion about this issue in the German Amiga forum, and it turned out both me and another user were right, because we had always spoken about "booting from HD" throughout without going into detail a little bit more.
However, with the help of a "trigger disk", I *am* able now to boot from a HDF with Kick 1.3 (thanks to Robert Templeton who posted very detailed instructions in the news back in 1999!).
This disk is for the starting procedure only, it's not needed anymore afterwards. But it will not work without this boot disk, unless Bernd rewrites his uaehf.device to support Kick 1.3.

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