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Problem with Workbench_134.adf from Amiga Forever 7

I have found the following issue with the 1.3.4 Workbench Disk from Amiga Forever 7:

When Starting this disk in emulator using default settings (Compatibility custom) of Amiga Forever 7 the ADF is starting fine.

If I set the compatibility to (slow best) or use an original Amiga 500 the Workbench does not start.

I get an Error:

Software error - task held
Finish ALL disk activty
Select CANCEL to reset/debug

When clicking on CANCEL I get the following red Guru Meditation:

Software Failure. Press left mouse button to continue.
Guru Meditation #00000003.0000A708

If I use the adf disk from Amiga Forever 2016 the 1.3.4 disk works both on real and emulated amiga with slow(best) compatibility.

When looking into the disk I seet that the startup sequence in the new disk has changed but I don't see here what might is causing the problem.

I tried to get an answer from Cloanto support but nothing happens since months. I tried the Facbook page and support which only sends me a standart answe that I should contact the support via their Webpage.

It would be great if someone can help me to find the root cause of the disk Issue.

kind regards


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