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I'll explain when I'm running it on my machine, which is still a dream :=)
Patrik & his friends seem to have a head start on Linux with all the stuff (just tried vasm on Windows, ouch!!!). I'll try to install it on my Windows box and I'll tell you.
Let's do things one by one.

In a surge of laziness I was wondering if there wasn't a python script to create ISO9660 images so I googled it, and no luck.
BUT, the old mkisofs command (Linux & Windows) is able to create an ISO file on command line. So I was wondering if it was difficult to insert the CDTV.TM or CD32.TM at the proper location so CD32 boots from the CD?
Wrap this in a nice python script and you have a cool tool to master CD32 compilations, without using UAE.

Edit: someone already did it and I was the one asking only 2 months ago !! memory playing tricks, but logic is intact so I come up with the same solutions everytime

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