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Here's a short guide on how to get inetd running and launching my script which starts ISOCD, first download and extract it to sys:, it should not overwrite anything of importance (but if you're scared, extract it somewhere else and manually copy everything to the correct place).

There is a file in the lha called S/User-Startup.inetd_stuff - the contents of this file should be added to your S:User-Startup, simply do a:
Type S:User-Startup.inetd_stuff >>S:User-Startup

The next thing we need to do is add a service to the host OS, if you're running Windows this will be located in C:\WINDOWS\System32\Drivers\etc\services or somewhere similiar (that was the path on a virtual XP-machine I checked with, might have moved in later versions of Windows) and if you're running Linux or MacOS X it's located in /etc/services . Open this file with a text-editor and add a line to the bottom of the file that looks something like this:

buildcd		1234/tcp			# Build Amiga CD
The only thing this does it assign the portnumber to a name which is later used by inetd.

Now for our final part we need to copy my script (build_cd32cd) to C: (or wherever you want it) in UAE - modify it to your needs (some paths will need changing). Observe that ISOCD has a bit of an odd syntax for an Amiga-program, so if you have your layout-file as DH0:cd32.layout you use -lDH0:cd32.layout as an option to ISOCD to specify the file.

In S:inetd.conf the following line is already added if you downloaded patriks inetd-lha but I thought I might mention it in case anyone wants to add other scripts, this is what you add:

buildcd   stream tcp dos bin - Execute C:build_cd32cd
Now, if everything has gone right, if you connect to port 1234 on your machine inetd will get a signal and launch the script!
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