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Quoting from the CD32Load thread

Originally Posted by jotd View Post
Nice Windows/WinUAE communication stuff! Sound complicated on the amiga side, and the "NC" command I don't know of.
I was wondering if Patrik's script could be run from Amiga/WinUAE side, using Python 2.3 for Amiga? That would create a native solution, and maybe wouldn't even need an amiga script. Everything could be python-driven on the amiga side.
(we should create a separate thread for this)

Patrik seems to know a lot about ISO. Why wouldn't he write a ISO creator with CD32.TM support, in Python / batch mode ? He has ISOCD image as reference. Maybe it's not that difficult, and would provide a standalone/scripted solution to create ISOs.
That's something I could be interested in doing too (but I'd have to read a lot about ISO format first).
One of the biggest points of the layout script and this setup was to not have to switch to or interact with UAE to generate the iso at all.

Right now I have an older E-UAE 0.8.9 (which is really fast at creating the iso with ISOCD) running minimized for iso creation only. So I just compile my stuff (cross compiling vbcc/vasm), execute the script, then when the iso is done (under 10 seconds on old Core2duo laptop), I just reboot FS-UAE which I have running at the same time for CD32-emulation, which then boots with the fresh iso .

I created a minimal archive with the stuff needed for inetd. It is based on the AmiTCP 4.0 demo, just made a few modifications so the binaries doesn't depend on AmiTCP:. Just extract to SYS:

Have also imported the iso-related scripts into a github repo:

It actually contains a more recent, faster and a bit shorter version of the and it would be great if you could contribute the windows changes you made .

It was actually my first thought to write a script which created the iso directly, but figured it was better to start small and for started generate the layout . It would be the ultimate solution though!
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