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Originally Posted by arti View Post
Or link with -lauto and/or -lamiga

_ctype_ comes from clib2
I will try that.
Originally Posted by Hedeon View Post
Need to add proto/dos.h for Open, Delay, Close and proto/keymap.h for maprawkey.
added dos.h proto to a gngeo/video.h and it did fix the delay, open, keymap errors,
but some new just pop up:

==> to make it even more confusing: the proto did not help,
but was fixed, because I was using "-noixemul" instead of my previous "-mcrt=clib2"
==> I try AmiDevCpp now

memory.o(.text+0xf96): undefined reference to `write_irq2pos'
memory.o(.text+0xfb4): undefined reference to `write_irq2pos'
memory.o(.text+0xf70): undefined reference to `write_neo_control'
i fixed by removing the __inline__ statement from the src:
// __inline__ void write_irq2pos(Uint32 data) {
void write_irq2pos(Uint32 data) {
// __inline__ void write_neo_control(Uint16 data) {
void write_neo_control(Uint16 data) {
but there is a gcc options for inline, IIRC, to "fix" or make the inline stuff work.

#2) now with gcc3 (AmiDevCpp) i get some asm errors:
m68k-amigaos-gcc.exe -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I..  -DDATA_DIRECTORY=\\"data\\"  
 -DNDEBUG -D__AMIGA__ -D_HAVE_STDINT_H -I/SDL/include  -m68020-40 -I/SDL/
 -D_GNU_SOURCE=1 -D_REENTRANT  -Wall -Wno-unused -funroll-loops -ffast-math
 -g -MT video.o -MD -MP -MF .deps/video.Tpo -c -o video.o video.c
.../Local/Temp/ccj9YFfJ.s: Assembler messages:
.../Local/Temp/ccj9YFfJ.s:6739: Error: parse error -- statement `moveb d3,(sr.3)' ignored
make.exe[3]: *** [video.o] Error 1
any idea how to debug this?

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