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Excuse moi, how did you did the adding of Unitcontrol program to your startup- sequence ..?
I can't get it properly working with commandline parameters ?


General question: Could weak/ instable power supply cause errors on memory test program..?
How to test the case if some memory testing program results no errors, but another does ?
Coul improper Mmu setup cause that ?
Guess I would need help with the Mmulib configuration..

@ AmigaHope

Yes, all my Zorro cards are seen ok.
But the Fastlane card does show up as two different cards.
Sure, that is normal ?! I think that for some reason, it separates the Scsi part from the memory part..!?
More precisely, I have 4 Z cards installed: PicassoIV, Fastlane, BigRamPlus and eFlash4000.
I found by experimenting that the three last mentioned need to be in certain order for the machine to work ok. At bottom to top: Picasso; Fastlane; BigRamPlus and eFlash. ( I assume it is normal for an Amiga with Zorro slots for not to work with all possible card slot orders; especially if all the slots are used ?!)
I must add that some change on my setup ( I'm not which) causes the Sysinfo program showing the Fastlane memory separately, which it din' t do necessarily before (!?).

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