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Originally Posted by macce2 View Post

Did you mean using Changemempri program or something like that ?!


The 16 Mb on A4000 mobo is a little faster than any z3 memory, however,
and for that reason, I'd prefer not to set the z3 memory for higher priority, even if Scsi performance would enhance a bit.
The A4000 memory is very slow anyway, if you do not have an accelerator board with memory.
However, I'm a little nervous because it seems that my system does handle all my z3 expansion memory as "one"; and does not separate the Fastlane card's memory (40 Mb) from the 256 Mb that's on my BigRamPlus card.
Would the only option to know those memory start & end addresses be removing one card and then reading the memory addresses/spaces with SysInfo or similar program ..?!
Generally, would it be possible to have some problems with expansion memory, if it was on different cards (and maybe there 's some difference on memory speeds etc (ns); between Fastlane card memory and BigRamPlus memory), even it is shown as one "chunk" to the system ?
I recently had an uninvited visitor; a yellow screen while playing Wendetta2175 (installed on hd) ..
Could that be sign of memory problem(-s) ?
Yeah, I do know; I should check all the connections etc. but could this be some kind of configuration problem ?
Fortunately,I haven't had the yellow screen very often on my system, after I replaced my old A3640 processor card with the new A3660 one.
The cards don't show up separately in the AutoConfig list?
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