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Here is one:

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The huge sprites are build with 16x16 tiles, like on cps2.
Ok, this could be one reason why the game is so slow.

Although dividing the BOBs to smaller pieces is the right way to do it, because it saves Chip RAM. But the number of pieces per animation frame should be as low as possible, so that the amount of Blitter operations needed to draw the characters stays as low as possible.

If everything is in 16*16 pieces, then drawing one character needs something like 30 16*16 objects, which means that the Blitter needs to be started 30 times. Or actually 60 times because there are two players.

Codetapper's site has all GFX from the Us Gold SF2:

Those graphics sheets are a good example of how to split big objects into smaller pieces in an "Amiga friendly" way. So one frame could be for example one 48*32 block and one 64*48 block. Only two Blitter operations needed.
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