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@esel yes it appears to be allocating somewhere around 80 MB of RAM, which is not so much really, I mean the Megadrive had what 128MB? Seriously though, I'm rebuilding with a lot of the extra stuff stripped out, maybe that will help.

For low spec systems, you're probably better off just using the "T" version of Amigenerator which as I recall only needs an 8-bit mode.

The point of this was for Sonnet(or better)+Radeon/Voodoo4 users to have a Genesis emulator that supported LE modes and for some of the fancy scaler/scanline effects.

For LittleWeenie and CSPPC users, try the attached version, lots of fancy stuff removed, perhaps it will work better, it at least uses only about ~20MB.

In the config file you can try playing around with these settings:

int_soundrate = 22050
int_soundsegs = 8 16 or 32 will be faster but use more memory
int_soundsamples = 0 (1024 is the default with 0)

And remember to set AHI Unit 0 to Paula 8-bit DMA.
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