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I have some of these. I have had them for quite some time. I have been meaning to contribute these for so long. I am in the process of scanning them. I also have Battlechess published by DroSoft, also Test Drive.

Hopefully within the next few weeks I will scan and upload these. There is a post under HOL Contributions which contains some of the ERBE games I own. I also, have a whole heap more ERBE budget published games. At this present time I am scanning "Passengers On The Wind after F.Bourgeon".

Lots of extremely rare and un-common contributions to come. It has been too long.

Since we're on the subject.

Worth mentioning the following DRO Soft Releases I own:

BattleChess (Dro Soft Release)
Budokan (Dro Soft Release)
Test Drive (Dro Soft Release)

Worth mentioning the following ERBE Releases I own:

Another World (ERBE Release)
Barbarian II (ERBE Release)
Beach Volley (ERBE Release)
Chase HQ (ERBE Release)
Conqueror (ERBE Release)
Crime Wave (ERBE Release)
Denaris (ERBE Release)
Domination (ERBE Release)
F-15 Strike Eagle II (ERBE Release)
G-LOC R360 (ERBE Release)
Hostages (ERBE Release)
Hard Drivin' (ERBE Release)
Street Sports Basketball (ERBE Release)
Indiana Jones Y La Ultima Cruzada (Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade - ERBE Release)
Strider (ERBE Release)
The Shadow of The Beast (ERBE Release)
Mega Twins (ERBE Release)
Lethal Weapon (ERBE Release)
Wizkid (ERBE Release)
There could be more. I will have to do a bit more of an audit.

I have a lot of S4 (System4) and other Spanish published titles. Also, have some that are not even listed on HOL.

Good list to get started with anyway. I have already contributed some of these.

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