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Originally Posted by earok View Post
Thanks JOTD, though I've given it a go with Goal and it still doesn't move beyond the rainbow screen? I've used the 1.0 install from

I have a list of ridiculous requests, if it's possible to implement any of them in CD32LOAD (I understand they might be too complicated) they'd be hugely appreciated.

1. Combination control mapping. Say, pressing GREEN+YELLOW to activate a key. Some CD32 simulators do this in order to have more than seven functions on the pad.
2. Gamepad to gamepad mapping. Say, map UP to BLUE for platform and racing games.
3. Combination gamepad to gamepad mapping. Say, if DOWN+RED could be mapped to BLUE we'd have a dynamite button on Rick Dangerous. Might also be cool for fighting games, to get something more like arcade accurate controls on the seven button pad.
4. Mouse emulation, perhaps using the "LEMMINGS_PLANETSIDE" hack in the CD32 ROM?
5. Save to NVRAM. Actually just saving to RAM: would be more than enough, as files can be loaded/saved to NVRAM using an external tool (like what Cobe and I did with Lemmings 2, Tiny Troops etc)
6. Handle 2MB required games. Mostly AGA but not all (eg Primal Rage).

1. yep, that would be cool, means you can have 11 x 10 button combinations. That would be insane, .

2. Again another cool idea, find out how it does it.
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