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Toni Wilen
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@Tony: I see the buffer (ends by "DOSIO") in the code. Do you have a quickfix for this? I have the resourced code.
I am not sure if I'll bother with it, there is not even guarantee this version has it. I'll check the code someday..

Tony, what IDE setting should I try with WinUAE to have a chance to read from DH0: like a vanilla 1200?
Mount HDF as IDE0 (and make sure you have A1200 mainboard hardware = chipset extra = A1200 and A1200 ROM)

The IO system seems to be able to read from DF0: and DH0: too
IMO This sounds dangerous.. This driver/filesystem probably has size limits, only understand FFS\1 (in worst case assumes it), make sure writing is not possible in any downloadable versions
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