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Originally Posted by jotd View Post
I was going to add "wait a little before trying it on a real console" ... Glad if it works "sometimes" on a real console (be sure to use ISOCD, not MasterISO, as the cd code requires a given CD structure that MasterISO does not seem to provide).

Well, the red screen comes from my proggy. I think it's related to a read/checksum error.

I have noticed that James Pond loader retries 2 times on an error. My program doesn't. I should add this too. the fact that it works better on the emulator is logical, then.

As I said it's a very early version but since I put it up in 2 days and made it working yesterday at 23:30, I couldn't resist to share immediately
Ah I see, we'll it's already showing a great deal of potential crashes on real console seem to be random, about 50% it'll be a red screen and 50% it'll run just fine. Had a quick go at Robocop 3 and Chaos Engine 2 on real CD32, no issues.

Originally Posted by jotd View Post
BTW earok is there a brand of CD-RW that work with the real console?
I'm sorry I don't know! I've only ever tried CD-Rs.
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