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Originally Posted by jbenam View Post
Sorry to be pedant, but WINE = WINE Is Not an Emulator

It's just a compatibility layer. It does add overhead, but it's negligible. Also its compatibility is quite high.

I've heard around that WinUAE works quite well on WINE. Maybe you can step into an occasional unimplemented feature, but it should mostly work!
Well, I'm sure you are right and I expected to get called on it--so thanks for setting me straight. I've seen some modern D3d games run on Wine/Linux, though, and they are pretty slow compared to native Windows performance--I'd consider them basically untenable. But then, they are also having to convert D3d calls to OpenGL calls, etc. With UAE there's not really much of that going on, although D3d is used to some degree, and the Amiga still runs so wonderfully in 1 *mb* of ram... Although I actually owned at least one of every Amiga made except the A600/A1000, I still catch myself thinking in GBs these days--so likely WinUAE doesn't really push a recent multicore x86 hardware system very hard.
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