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You can’t beat those 3

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Thank you very much for the last two links with Ben Daglish (RIP)!! I've never seen him perform live before - very, very moving as the music, for mine, so obviously came from the soul of a man tortured by disease who had finally been set free!!!

I followed Ben Daglish and many other computer musicians from the early 8-bit days when I started out computing with the BBC, TI-99/4A, VIC-20 and C64. He was well-known for smoking and drinking too much, but the man was undeniably talented.

I remember seeing adverts and previews of The Last Ninja for months on end in Commodore User, Zzap! 64 and the other mags before it was finally released in 1987. I was still in high school at the time, so hadn't been able to afford a 1541 floppy drive quite yet. I had resigned myself to the fact that The Last Ninja was going to be another "boring" multiload game if played off tape, but it didn't matter....much like Sméagol with the "precious" in LOTR, I just had to have the game because it was going to be epic!

Anyway, I put the game on order at the local Myer department store and waited for what seemed like an eternity - about 3 months, from memory - before it came in. When I finally got a phone call that it had came in, I wasted no time in getting my backside down there to get my grubby little hands on the game. I remember getting home and firing up my "precious" in the old C64 datasette. I couldn't wait to see the graphics of the game that I had salivated, nay coveted, for months on end in the computer mags!!

The "boring" multiload for the game had begun, so I sat intently near the big spare family TV that my C64 was hooked up to. Boy, was I gonna be in for a real surprise! While I was fully expecting luscious graphics - the likes that had never before been witnessed on the C64 - what I wasn't expecting when the game began loading off tape was the multiload music that blasted out of the TV speakers! I just about fell off my chair when the gentle, unassuming Wastelands loader music began playing (see HERE for what actually occurred on the C64 with loading the game from tape).

My ears were in absolute heaven! This was a multiload game that I would willingly load off tape on my beloved C64 for years to come, well after I'd beaten the game many times over, just to listen to the music. I will forever remember the aural delight and musical genius that both Ben Daglish and Anthony Lees infused into The Last Ninja. It is sad to think that these gentlemen - two brilliant pioneering computer musicians of their time - are no longer with us. Gone, but never - not for one minute - forgotten....
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