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Originally Posted by Velociraptor5 View Post
Not important. Pics should be in TOSEC-PIX. Here is nothing to discuss. If I would want some pics, always go to TOSEC-PIX never TOSEC. OK shouldn't be deleted, just moved.
Whatever mate; that's totally your own opinion.

These "Boxscans, manuals, posters, inlays etc." are bundled with the .IPFs as they are obviously needed for these games that have manual protection etc...

Personally, and I'm sure many others; don't want to be jumping through various TOSEC sections to get the required manuals for Amiga games. You want to have everything required bundled in the .IPF archives

Anyway, I'm not going to discuss further with you. You've voiced your opinion, let's see what the official TOSEC team decide shall we?
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