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Originally Posted by buzzybee View Post
This is very common practice within the whole media industry (games, magazines, audio,movies) and for a good reason: The costs for selling digitally rather than physically are kind of comparable. The human factors (development time etc.) are exactly the same, and digital distribution is not free either. Digistore24 for example gets about 20 - 45 percent of the asking price for providing servers, handling of files and money transaction, handling invoices, customer servicer etc.
Then quite obviously, you need to find a more competitive alternative to Digistore24.

Let's be clear here, 45% is nearly HALF of the selling price.

You could do all the hosting and selling yourself, there are plenty of budget alternatives than literally giving away half of your efforts to someone else.

Steam PROVES that not all digital sales are the same. That the likes of Sony think they can get away with charging the same on Playstation Network for a digital download as they could for the physical version is one reason why I will NEVER pay for a Sony digital download.

Steam however shows what is possible, and shows that the cost isn't always the same, no box, no artwork charge, no instruction manual, no disks, no badge etc, etc, these items all come at a cost the digital one doesn't.

I'm not going to jump on any angry bandwagons here, but you have CUSTOMERS telling you you're charging too much and you appear to be dismissing them.

You could do that when the Amiga was king and selling software in the hundreds of the thousands, but those days are long gone.

I appreciate the efforts of ANYONE, no matter whether its a tour de force in programming, or its a simple effort, but you have something called history that isn't on your side.

I can probably count on one hand the amount of Amiga titles back in its golden years that attracted a pricepoint of £35.

Shadow of the Beast is one, the edition with the Roger Dean T-Shirt.

But it wasn't the norm.

If anyone is under the illusion that they are going to get rewarded handsomely for their Amiga game efforts today in 2020, they are in it for the wrong reasons.

Frankly no amount of money is going to adequately compensate ANYONE for anything done on the Amiga in the past 20 years, because the Amiga is no longer financially viable where you could quit your job and just do Amiga games, so if your price point of £35 is to try and rectify that, I can assure you, it NEVER will.

You are most welcome to charge whatever you like for the games you make, but coincidentally, customers are also welcome to pass up on your games and buy something else, because the market seems to have settled on prices most people are happy to pay, yours seem to be quite a bit higher.

Me personally? I'd rather have hundreds of happy customers waiting eagerly with their money for my next release, rather than maybe 40 people.

You'll make the choice thats right for you
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