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OK, here's what happened, the A4000 now displays .IFF. I run mutiview on the A1200 and it displayed the .iff file.... but what i noticed in snoopdos was it was still using visage to play it. and it was looking for visage in SYS:Utilities/visage .... which on my A1200, is exactly where it is located.

On the A4000, visage is located in SYS:Programs/Visage.
Despite me changing the icon for multiview to point to this location, snoopdos reported it was still looking in the wrong location, so i manually copied visage to the utilities directory, and low and behold, multiview now views .IFF, including the ones from the changeit directories..... but changeit still says it can't load the main.iff file and exists.

So multiview isn't exactly fixed, but it works (rather it point to visage in my correct installed folder and not have two copies running around)

In the end, hasn't solved this game from running.

It might be big, but would you like to to switch on EVERY snoopdos function and run changeit and report THAT log to here?
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