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Originally Posted by leohopkins View Post
I have then opened up the AmosPro_System disk and double clicked on install.AMOS, been led through a couple of screens then come to a dead end when the screen tells me that i do not have the original disk. Can someone help?
Ahhh! Sounds like the disk (or ADF) has been modified ... or copied with Workbench DiskCopy before registration name was applied to it.
You need to make sure you do it with the original unmodified disk (or ADF) .... if you actually have the original disks, and want to work with a copy (as to not modify the original disks) copy the AMOSPro_System disk with X-Copy!
The reason for this, is that when the AMOSPro_System disk is booted for the first time, it asks for your first and last name .... then it writes this info to the disk (not sure where though) and applies that to the splash screen that appears every time you start AMOS Pro.

Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
I thought AMOS Pro is freeware...
Yes and No, AMOS Professional was a commercial product, but nowadays there's sites that are offering downloads of AMOS Professional.
I'm not sure if this is legal or not though. is offline  
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